Cost of Lessons

Classes (charged per term)

Infants, preschool and primary school: $20.00 per half hour lesson (paid in advance by the term)

Come And Try — Special Offer

If you’re not sure lessons are the right thing for you or your child, you are welcome to sign up to a three lesson trial.

$75 for 3 lessons. If you like it, you can pay the balance for the term, if you don’t there is no further obligation.

Adult Classes

$40 per one hour lesson (paid in advance, also by the term)

Private lessons (charged on an ad hoc basis)

$65 per half hour

$90 per hour

A discount is available to families — 5% discount for 2 to 3 children, and a maximum of $65 per week for 4 or more children in the same family.